Dear Angels,

We are proud to present the 11th Anniversary of our annual charity event – 'I'm An Angel.'

'I'm An Angel 11' will be held on Saturday 15 June 2013. 2012 was a great year for IAA; with your help we raised over 1 billion IDR for Bali's neediest children and families.

We have always focused on auction items, and have appreciated your continued support.

This year, we wanted to show where your money goes, and give you the opportunity to make program based cash donations by indicating the specific amount of funding our programs require. With your help, this year can be the biggest yet.

Asana Viebeke Lengkong directs all of IAA programming, and you can research more about her vast efforts on our website:

This year we welcome guest chefs from around Bali and Indonesia and from Singapore to the United States, for an unforgettable all-star chefs dinner.

Our live performances will feature beautiful music and soulful "living works of art" from renowned entertainers. Help us make this a night to remember with a donation.

Donations can include media partnerships, accommodation packages, jewelry, art, clothing, merchandise, as well as straight monetary donations.

Our live and silent auctions will generate the funds needed to provide basic services and education to initiatives around our beautiful island.

Here are specific ways your funding can make a difference:

In education to help students in North & East Bali; Tianyar, Kaliasem, Madenan, Munting & Tribuana:

  • 165m IDR will fund a school package of uniform and shoes for 1000 students
  • 105m IDR will fund school stationery for 1500 students
  • 24m IDR will fund 300 sets of school uniforms

To help feed Bali's hungry families in North & East Bali; Tianyar, Munting, Moncol, Tribuana, Buana Kumara & Madenan:

  • 100m IDR provides milk to dozens of communities
  • 28,8m IDR provides eggs to make sure that people get the protein that they need
  • 36m IDR ensures that hundreds of kids have the bubur kacang hijau they need to stay focused in school

You can contribute to actual community building by contributing to the rural development in North & East Bali; Tianyar Timur, Tianyar Tengah & Dusun Songan:

  • 100m IDR for Water tank infrastructure for those without access to clean water
  • 40m IDR will supply the piping to connect the water tanks to the community

We would like to recognize our sponsors in new initiatives this year via the IAA website, the KU DE TA website, as well as all of our social media outlets.
Based on the amount of your donation, or the value of the item donated for auction, you will receive a minimum of the following:

  • < 9.000.000
    Placed in our charity bazaar, KU DE TA reserves the right to display donation, listed on 'I'm An Angel' website, facebook and twitter mention, small sized logo display on screen projector at the event, listed on table 'thank you' cards. Products or vouchers are welcome.
  • 10.000.000 – 49.000.000
    Listed in auction catalogue, listed on 'I'm An Angel' website, facebook and twitter independent newsfeed item, small sized logo display on screen projector at event, silent auction entry, listed on table 'thank you' cards.
  • 50.000.000 – 99.000.000
    Listed in auction catalogue, listed on 'I'm An Angel' website, logo on IAA Facebook page, twitter independent mention, medium sized logo display on screen projector at the event, possible entered live auction, listed on table 'thank you' cards
  • > Rp 100.000.000
    1 full page in auction catalogue, product display in the venue, customized e-flyer, customized banner displayed at event, logo in magazine adverts, listed on KU DE TA and 'I'm An Angel' website, logo on IAA Facebook page, image on IAA and KDT twitter feed, large sized logo displayed on screen projector at event, live auction inclusion, title listing on table 'thank you' cards

Items will be selected for live or silent auction at our discretion to maximize interest, and we reserve the right to combine items into attractive packages.

Fine regional publications such as 'The Yak', 'FRV Travel' and 'Hello Bali' have agreed to provide detailed coverage of the 'I'm An Angel 11' event, and we traditionally generate significant international interest as well, with media releases including details of our title sponsors distributed up until the post event wrap.

We would like to extend our gratitude to those who have helped and supported to the cause over the years, and welcome those who like to participate for the first time.

With thanks for your ongoing support, and warmest regards,

Current Committee Members:

  • Danielle Van Poppel
  • Agustina Ardie
  • Sophie Digby
  • Will Goldfarb
  • Ayu Wulandari
  • Sri Purnama Yanti

Program Director:

Asana Viebeke Lengkong

To make a donation to the I'm an Angel charity, please contact Ayu on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling +62 (0)361 736969